The Irish Society's Primary School and Nursery Unit

Principal: Mr D G Wray
School Location:
Rugby Avenue
BT52 1JL
Tel: 02870343444

Lunch Menus

School meals are cooked on the premises and are prepared to a very high standard. A cash cafeteria system is in operation. The menu runs on a 3 week cycle for daily specials with the addition of a varied selection of other food and drinks available.

Those who wish to bring a packed lunch to school join the other boys and girls in the dining room at the same time as cooked meals are provided. Packed lunches should be brought in suitable named containers and should not include glass bottles. The time at which school meals or packed lunches are consumed depends of the class in which your child in enrolled. Midday break for classes 1-3 commences at noon and children return to class at 12.50pm while classes 4-7 have a break from 12.40pm until 1.25pm.

Children are supervised by a team of Supervisory Assistants while they are in the dining room for lunch and afterwards when they are in the playground, prior to returning to class for the afternoon session.

Please note that children should not bring peanuts or a peanut based item to school as part of their lunch or snack as some children may have an allergic reaction to these foods.

Please click below to view menu:

EA menu for Sept 2018 (week 1-3)